The assessment


Tomorrow I am headed to the hospital to undergo surgery to reconstruct my ACL for the 2nd time and repair a complex tear in my medial meniscus.

Today, I am taking measurements and pictures allowing me to track my progress. While I view this challenge, as an opportunity to recommit to excellence in all areas of my life including particularly academics, this blog will focus on the physical changes I am trying to achieve.

Therefore, I have set specific goals I want to have reached by 31-Dec 2010:

  • <= 10% bodyfat
  • Squat (ATG) 315 lbs
  • Bench Press 225 lbs
  • Deadlift 350 lbs
  • Clean 205 lbs
  • 40yd dash below 5.0s
  • Bulletproof knees

Body stats today:

  • Bodyfat: 21% (using caliper & 3-site method)
  • Weight: 186 lbs
  • Hips: 105cm
  • Waist: 92cm
  • Thigh left: 54cm / right: 58cm
  • Calves left: 38cm / right: 39cm

Upper Body:

Comparison of legs (right -vs- left):

“Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal”

– Vince Lombardi


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